Monday, September 14, 2015

The Brooklynization of the World

I agree.
I travel to experience the unexpected, the unique, the 'different'.
Different sights and sounds and smells, different foods, peoples, buildings, museums, vistas...
I don't want to encounter the same as "home" or I wouldn't get on the plane.
Are we losing something as we are quickly becoming a smaller and smaller global village by the day?
Or are we gaining...more?More of what? The same?

What do you think?

On a sales award trip to Aruba years ago, I was enjoying the white-sand beach and turquoise water, when, a family came plodding up on the beach with "Dunkin Donuts" bags.  I felt like I was back home,and it strangely had a negative impact on me. I didn't want to 'see that' in Aruba- I don't know why- but it bothered me - it brought 'home' to a paradise far from home, and I wanted to 'escape' from that for a while. I wanted to be "here", not "there"!

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