Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Welcome to Union Glacier on Vimeo

Welcome to Union Glacier on Vimeo

on blue ice

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  1. In this age of modern air travel, it is relatively easy for anyone with the means to book a flight to almost any corner of the Earth.
    Unless that corner is Antarctica, a place where you cannot simply pave a runway and start landing planes.
    In Antarctic locations such as Union Glacier, the runway is blue ice: dense, intensely blue glacier ice formed when snow falls onto glaciers, gets compacted and recrystallizes. This is generally a place for cargo and military jets, such as the Russian Ilyushin IL-76.
    But commercial jets are making progress — and the Icelandic airline Loftleidir landed the first Boeing 757 on the blue ice runway at Union Glacier on Thursday.

    NOV 27, 2015